brussels sprouts and bacon

Sprouts. I used to think they were gross. Now, they are one of my favorite veggies EVER. You simply have to figure out how to cook them properly.

A few things about sprouts. Smaller sprouts are going to be more sweet and larger sprouts will be more cabbage-like. The one in my image is HUGE (obviously as big as my palm) but I quartered it, along with some smaller sprouts, and everything tasted just fine. I just make sure the color is green and not brown when buying!

Also, I always cut the dry part of the stem off of the bottom and either half them or quarter them. Toss the stems and cook the rest!

Pairing them with bacon is our favorite way of eating these green jewels! It’s super easy. Even if you aren’t a sprouts fan, give it a try! Because… everything tastes better with bacon.

Bag of sprouts
5-6 slices of bacon
(that’s it)

Dice the bacon and cook until halfway crispy in a nonstick pan over medium high heat

Toss in the sprouts and leaves

Mix together as the sprouts will cook down in the bacon grease, stir occasionally

Dish is done when sprouts have become slightly brown and soft and bacon is fully crispy

Pair with chicken, steak, pork, anything! Enjoy!

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