Heaven on a Bagel


As much as I like a good avocado toast for breakfast (I am TECHNICALLY a millennial, people), there’s nothing like a well made bagel sandwich. Pair it with hot coffee. YUM.I will admit this is the first post I have made that is NOT my own recipe. I will not make a habit of posting other’s ideas but this one was too good not to share.

I was watching the Christina Tosi episode of Chef Table and she got this combo at a NY bagel shop. I had to rewind to hear her say what was on the bagel and knew I had to recreate it.

I am a huge fan of Everything Bagels, chive cream cheese, and bacon. Tomatoes just make it that much tastier. I could eat 3 and not blink an eye.

1 medium tomato, sliced sandwich thin
2 slices of bacon, crispy
a thick schmear of chive cream cheese
everything bagel
ground pepper to taste
(this is for one sandwich)

Toast the everything bagel

Add the thick schmear of chive cream cheese (perhaps to both sides)

Pepper both sides of the tomato and top cream cheese with tomato and bacon slices

Cut in half

Y’all .. my mouth is watering! Thanks, Christina!


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