Veggie Hummus Wrap


Meal prepping takes some time. I usually do it on Sunday afternoons when R&R are napping and hubby is around. My prep includes a lunch option for us during the week as well as any breakfast items I can go ahead and cook beforehand. It’s super helpful to be able to grab something healthy during our crazy days! Check out this easy veggie wrap! This is a go to lunch option as it can be eaten cold, it’s super fresh, and has a great crunch to it! You can add in more veggies if you prefer or substitute the hummus for sour cream. The possibilities are endless!

Gluten free tortilla wrap
Traditional hummus
Jasmine rice or long grain white rice, cooked and cooled
Red bell pepper, julienned
Orange bell pepper, julienned
Cucumber, julienned
Romaine lettuce, chopped
Black beans, rinsed
Avocado, sliced

Lay out the tortilla wrap and spread a thin layer of hummus in the center.

Top with the cooked rice and black beans. Then layer your veggies!

Roll the tortilla as you would a burrito and wrap tightly in foil.

Store in the fridge. I then cut the wrap in half, peeling the foil as I eat so that everything stays in!

I make about 4-5 wraps for each of us. The tortilla will start to get soggy after about 5 days and the avocado will begin to brown.

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