Garden Update April 2022


Welcome to Spring! The trees are starting to bud and here in North Carolina, we aren’t quite sure whether we should still be wearing sweatshirts or breaking out the flip flops. Sometimes we need both in the same day!

April 15th is typically the date gardeners LONG and WAIT for ever so patiently. It typically means the last frost of the year has passed and we can start to harden off seedlings or start to plant in our raised beds.

For Christmas, I was gifted an AeroGarden by my father in law. It comes with seed pods, seeds, plant food, and an awesome plant light set up. To be honest, I was skeptical! I have successfully grown seedlings in my garage with fancy grow lights and was not sure this would pass the test. But it did!

I had dill, parsley, and two types of basil sprouting and on their way in just a few short days! The AeroGarden waters for you on a timer and the light is on for 8 hours at a time to mimic daylight.

Look at those little herbs go! I will update when transplanted and see how they acclimate to the soil outside.

This year I have decided to focus on a few simple things – Tomatoes and Flowers. I have had SUCH success with tomatoes in the past and this year I have gone a bit crazy. Instead of just 3 plants, we have 23. Whoops! Tomatoes for everyone, I guess! I will be canning my yummy pasta sauce, soup, and a few other things. I will also use a dehydrator and make sun dried tomatoes.

Flowers are a new beast for me. I am unsure where to start and so these flowers are simply getting put in the dirt and we will see what happens!

This is the first year I will be tilling up our awesome soil and mixing it with the compost we’ve been making for the past year. It has all been broken down and smells just like rich soil now! I know this will really help the existing soil by adding nutrients.

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